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innovationONE & Kuber Village - Product Innovation Case Study

innovationONE helps Kuber Village create a community app that enables parents to help each other organise care for their children after school, on school holidays and in



For many parents and guardians working outside of the home school holidays can present a real logistical challenge where leave allowances do not meet school holiday durations. Kuber Village sets out to enable communities to easily leverage the goodwill and help that was available to them within their communities, but difficult to organise and manage.

Creating an app to address these challenges was the order of the day! Leveraging highly scalable, fast and cost effective Amazon Web Services (AWS) offerings and integrating Facebook elements allowed the fast creation of the application and community elements required for the venture.

innovationONE helped Kuber Village bring their initial ideas to fruition, working through a process of wire-framing, design and market testing.

Using feedback from the user research phase, innovationONE led the definition of the Minimum Viable Product. Registration, login and identity; adding significant others and children; adding village (community) members; asking for help; offering help and the communications (email and push notifications) surrounding the process were all included in the Scope.

The next phase of the project included the UX and design of the app and the brand. The wire-frames that were created previously, and modified using the feedback from potential users, were turned into the app front end and tied into the back end functionality.

Creating the commercial proposition, innovationONE produced a commercial model and market sizing, resulting in a complete market overview, target market definition and magnitude, as well as scenario based revenue models. The model defined the journey from initial marketing spend to user growth and revenue projections.

Kuber Village is on track for a Q3, 2019 launch, and innovationONE will continue to partner with Kuber Village to ensure the success and growth of the platform. We are excited to be continuing our work developing the commercial offering, the exciting second phase of the product, and transforming the user experience completely.

Services Used

The Future

innovationONE will continue to partner with Kuber Village to add further areas of need to the application, expanding from organising the care of kids and to other areas where communities can help each other out. Adding channels of communication and automation is high on the product list of new must haves!


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