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innovationONE & Liveperson - Digital Transformation Case Study

innovationONE helps Liveperson sell & deliver its cutting edge conversational commerce platform & services in the APAC region.


Liveperson's mission is to make life easier by transforming how people communicate with brands. Their 18,000 customers, including leading brands like HSBC, Orange, and The Home Depot, use their conversational commerce solutions to orchestrate humans and AI, at scale, and create a convenient, deeply personal relationship — a conversational relationship — with their millions of consumers.

Digital Transformation

innovationONE partnered with Liveperson's APAC Enterprise teams to devise systems, processes and methodologies to take an enterprise client from first contact to ongoing post fulfilment success. Enabling brands such as Qantas, ANZ, Commonwealth Bank, Optus and Telstra to successfully adopt conversational commerce and artificial intelligence to sell to and support their millions of customers, Liveperson's workflows had to be perfect! Spanning two significant projects, innovationONE helped LP to achieve this.

The first project concentrated on the fulfilment of the commitments made during the sales process - implementation of technologies & whole of contract-life customer success initiatives. The second project focussed on streamlining complex, enterprise level pre-sale prospect engagement. In both projects, innovationONE delivered holistic strategies, processes and supporting toolsets positioned to most efficiently engage the Sales, Pre-Sales, Solutions, PMO, Customer Success, Client Partner and Enterprise Technology teams required to ensure success.

Simplified Mapping

Pre-Sale Project

Three arch-type customer journeys were identified belonging to the sales and client partner teams:

1. New Client Sale

2. Existing Client Renewal

3. Existing Client Project Sale

For each of these journeys best practice was mapped, linking in the sales and client partner teams at the most beneficial points with solutions, pre-sales, PMO and enterprise technology teams, with the focus on achieving the best outcomes for Liveperson's customers. Ownership and responsibilities were clearly defined through RACI matrices, and simple "cheat sheet" documents were created to aid adoption. These processes were underpinned by Salesforce - each stage defined out and captured in SF.

Post Sale Project

Working with the fulfilment areas of Liveperson - Client Success, PMO and Enterprise Technology Solutions, customer journeys were mapped and optimised. Leveraging Salesforce and Jira, comprehensive processes were developed defining the movement of all work entering the professional services and enterprise technology groups throughout the APAC region. Resource forecasting, project statuses, billing and the capturing of actual time spent were contained within Salesforce's Professional Services area. Actual work, time estimates and resource planning was captured using Jira and a Jira app called BigPicture.

- Resource forecasting rolling 12 months in advance

- Project billing

- Actual time capture

- Project and time reporting

- Work capture

- Workflow management

- Workflow visualisation

- Workflow reporting

- Work resource management

- Work resource visualisation

Visualising Resourcing and Workflow

All projects and tasks required for customer fulfilment and success throughout the APAC region are loaded into Jira, some 12 months in advance. KANBAN methodologies and boards allow a visual "right on time" fulfilment process, and resourcing commitments are visualised via dashboards.

The Future

The work completed by Liveperson's APAC teams and innovationONE are the most holistic and advanced in Liveperson's global business. The processes, methodologies and toolsets/configurations are being taken global by the business.


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