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innovationONE & Synchroad - Product Innovation and Digital Transformation Case Study

innovationONE helps Synchroad operationalise automated customer fulfilment and commercialise an innovative supply chain management platform that enables Small and Medium Business to cost effectively improve the scalability and efficiency of their organisations


For small and medium businesses finding software that is both cost-effective and powerful is a challenge. A good tool-set should improve growth through increasing opportunities to sell, as well as improving efficiency throughout the organisation. Synchroad sets out to do just that - allowing business owners and staff to be in constant contact with the platform that helps them produce quotes, capture sales, order stock, check fulfilment, manufacture new products and invoice customers.

Digital Transformation

innovationONE partnered with Synchroad to map the customer journey and create supporting systems and processes for each touch-point and back end operation.

As a low-cost subscription product, creating a low-touch and effort operating model for Synchroad was required to ensure future growth and profitability. Bootstrapped in their "spare" time by the co-founders, the challenge for innovationONE was to provide the automation and hands-off operating model that would sustain future growth with little human intervention.

Maximum conversion of website interest combined with no human effort to close the sale and subsequent support were called out as imperative to keep costs and thus pricing highly competitive. Information flows were created mapping:

A number of tools were selected from the market to underpin the customer journey that would enable the low cost and touch strategy -

These tools were easily and cheaply integrated using

Combining these tool-sets with the processes and automation created by thecrowroad, Synchroad customers will experience a delightful, yet completely hands off automated process of sign-up and engagement, keeping their costs incredibly competitive.


Creating the commercial proposition, innovationONE produced a commercial model and market sizing, resulting in a complete market overview, target market definition and magnitude, as well as scenario based revenue models. The model defined the journey from initial marketing spend to user growth and revenue projections. In addition, a go-to-market plan directed demand generation and management, market segmentation, pricing and sales channels.

Synchroad is on track for a Q3, 2019 launch, and InnovationONE will continue to partner with Synchroad to ensure the success and growth of the platform. We are excited to be continuing our work developing the commercial offering and the exciting second phase of the product

Services Used

The Future

innovationONE will continue to partner with Synchroad to expand the geographic reach of the product overseas, as well as maximise domestic growth and hone internal efficiencies


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